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Welcome to Green Living Domes

Image: The Boyt Home — Landscaping made a difference

The Boyt Home — Landscaping made a difference (Jack Boyt)

Image: Ready to unload the grader — We are ready to start by grading the land.
Image: Stemwalls under construction — Shotcrete is applied to the stemwall forms on the Boyt house in Ankeny, IA.
Image: Applying stain to garage — Putting a tan color stain on the roof adds to the appearance

Welcome to the new site. Green Living Domes is proud to help introduce Iowans to the Monolithic technology as an alternative for twenty-first homes.

Considering all the wonderful advantages of Monolithic Domes, even if they look a bit different from next door, the cost of maintenance and energy savings alone should spark a building boom in Iowa.

Building a home for the first time is a big project but building a dome home when one is in his middle 80’s caused my kids to think I was losing it. However, after working with Monolithic for about 30 years and seeing how a home can be not only comfortable and energy efficient but serve as a fireproof storm shelter at a cost comparable to more conventional structures, I decided to try my hand at it. The result is even better than I expected. Sure, there were times when I had to agree with my kids but now that it is finished I can only wonder what kept me from building years ago.

Now instead of sitting back and watching the world go by, I joined two friends, Rick Arnold and Frank Morgan and started Green Living Domes and we are in the house building business. As the saying goes, “better late than never”.

Living in a dome

Image: Living room — View of the living room looking out to the back yard

Living in a dome is quite a unique experience. The Boyt home is the Orion style and is only one of many, many styles of dome homes. We chose the Orion because it gives you some flat walls that allow for a better placement of furniture. (Continued…)